My Hair Disaster Story and how Dermaheal HL increased my hair beauty

My Hair Disaster Story and how Dermaheal HL increased my hair beauty

There was a time in my life when my hair started falling off in think amount. That was the most horrible phase of my life but that phase eventually turned away as I used Dermaheal HL for my hair follicles to reopen and cause hair growth with hair thickening.

If you have done any type of research about keratin treatment because you are interested in getting it. You have definitely heard about formaldehyde. A couple of months ago, environmental health agency were looking into this issue about the ingredient used in keratin treatment.

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They have suspected formaldehyde in keratin treatment as a carcinogenic ingredient because it is linked to cancer leukemia. Also, it is very toxic for your eyes and sin and clearly damages your hair a lot.

So what happened is, last year, I went to a saloon where I told my stylist to get my hair done with this treatment. My hairs are originally curly. I had problems regarding managing my hair because my hair growth and its volume was too much so I couldn’t handle it. That’s why I decided to do keratin on my hair. The mistake I did was, I did not do research relating this treatment and its issues. Many friends of mine were having this treatment and their hair was perfectly alright. Unlike my hair, which were extremely damaged and I literally went bald after getting this treatment done.

Six months after I had this treatment, I started feeling hair fall. At first, I thought it will go away as soon as the dry winter season will be over. But when it started increasing with time and changing seasons, I was frightened. After a year using this treatment, my hair was crazily falling so I decided to use hair filler for my hair loss. I particularly chose Dermaheal HL and bought it online from because it contains Hyaluronic acid which increases hydration and reopens follicles to increase hair growth.

One wrong decision of my life almost made me bald but a right decision overcame the biggest mistake of my life. However, I would suggest doing your research before getting into any chemical treatment. Mistakes like I did can lead you to terrifying results.

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